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Shut Up Stella

As requested! Here’s a rar with Light It Up and Twister. Twister for some reason has an old Linking Park feel to me. Don’t ask, maybe I’m crazy. Anyways….Shutup Stella.rar

P.S  I’m here reminding you that if you’re American& legal, you should vote for Obama.  Your country needs change. And it affects my country, and the rest of the world, so please do it quick.
Read their plans to eradicate poverty, McCain Vs Obama

Jessie & Shut Up Stella


On My Bed
Oprah For President
These Are The Days
Waiting For You
Welcome To My Party


PS New track!
Big Booty
Check N Out

I thought I had posted the latter two Malakouti, but I guess not. I am not exactly sure how I feel about some of the lyrical content of “PS,” but otherwise it seems consistent with her other upbeat tracks slash style. I can’t help feeling so delicious tonight….

Remember to go out and support the artists =)

On another note, I understand Zshare isn’t working. Hopefully that will be sorted out… :S As a result, these are all on mediafire.

Shut Up Stella

Shut Up Stella was an American pop, rock, and hip hop music group comprised of Jessie Malakouti, Kristen Wagner, and Fan 3. The group was signed to Epic Records, and planned to release their debut album in early 2008.

Download “On My Bed”


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