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DANCE MIXTAPE #3 “What’s yr sexy”


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Kim Leoni

Kim Leoni is a charismatic, half Indonesian half Dutch performer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  In August 2006, a chance meeting with producers Michel Pollen and Brane Kovak (at a birthday party of a mututal friend, where Kim gave an impromptu singing performance!) led to the first collaboration – the song called “Again”, an impassionate tale of a stormy relationship “based on a true story”. “At first, we were drawn to Kim by her charisma and beauty, but when we heard the voice we knew we had to start making music together.”– say the producers, who are already working with Kim on the first Kim Leoni album.

“Medicine” is an infectious house/club song.

You can check out her myspace here.

Download Kim Leoni- Medicine (Radio Edit)


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