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Schoolyard Heroes

Sometimes, fierce entities come in unexpected packages. Right out of high school, Seattle, Washington’s Schoolyard Heroes – brash dealers of angular riffs with thematic bents that’d make Issac Asimov proud – launched their Priest construction-meets-Misfits lyricis attack on prog punk at all-ages venues throughout the ever-vibrant Pacific Northwest scene in 2003 before releasing that year’s The Funeral Sciences full-length on The Control Group label.

There are a lot of things you can say about the horror punk band Schoolyard heroes.  Accused of spreading “devil’s music”—I’d say they are called horror punk for a reason rather than being accused of satanic- they definitely have..interesting lyrics. Poetic in a gruesome manner.  (You’re shaking like a first time skin flick/my soul goes to the highest bidder)  Not everyone’s cup of tea. But one of my favourite bands. And yes, I am aware of my erratic taste in music.

SHE: “If I’m not mistaken, I’ve torn your heart out three times now.”
HE: “It’s true, my dear. You tore me up like a boy made of paper.”
TOGETHER: “It was the right thing to do at the time!”

Fashionally socialized: The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots are an energetic pop punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Vocals and bass are provided by Kelly Ogden. On guitar is Luis Cabezas, and Chris Black is on drums. They’ve released 2 albums: Eat My Heart Out (2004) and Because I’m Awesome (2007) They’re currently touring the US promoting their new album.

The DollyrotsBecause I’m Awesome

I, like many people, sadly discovered this band from that damn Kohl’s commercial. And found it grossly catchy. Also made me want to shop. Also good for days when um, you feel, you know, awesome.

Meet the Dolly Rockers.

Dolly Rockers on MySpace

Gold Digger

“The best pop music happens during the worst of times. The upside to a depressing recession, global conflict and five year-olds mugging you for your mobile, is the return of music that’s bright (in both senses of the word), brash, slightly deranged but irresistibly catchy. We believe the big papers are calling it ‘wonky pop’. The Dolly Rockers themselves would probably call what they do ‘drunk disco’, but we’re not sure that’ll catch on.

Three girls who are as likely to snog you as happy-slap you, Dolly Rockers belong to the generation who want pop back on their own terms. A generation who make no distinction between Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ and Blur’s ‘Girls & Boys’; both classic and defining pop records that, in their own way, said everything to you about your life, but with a tune you could sing when you got pissed with your mates.”

I really have no idea what to say about these girls. I saw the video and at first was like, what, the — but was won over by their weirdly cute outfits and the catchy tune.


Built around the insanely catchy guitar riff of Martha and the Muffins’ new-wave anthem ‘Echo Park’, London-based upcomer MPHO is making a huge splash with her opening single ‘Box N Locks’ – a song that still sounds vibrant and exciting, despite being online for months now.

Led (for about 99% of the track) by it’s heavy 80s sample, this is a brilliant piece of 2009 pop. It ticks so many boxes; it’s undeniably fun, catchy from the opening few seconds, and sounds unlike anything around right now. But it’s the hard-hitting words which really sink in, as MPHO lashes out at stereotypes – she isn’t going to make urban music or become a “ghetto chick” simply because she’s a “feisty little brown girl, raised in Brixton town.”

Defying lazy labels and misconceptions, ‘Box N Locks’ is wildly addictive pop with a strong message idea behind it. Brilliant. August / MPHO – Box N Locks

MPHO on MySpace

MPHO – Pop Art

Myah Marie

Myah Marie is another one of those vox box chicks. Well sometimes. But mix that up with a little Britney. Her song “Candy From Strangers” way back was confused as a leak from Britney’s new album.  If you hear “Look In Your Eyes,” you can hear the similarities. She also has done back up for Britney so it makes sense. Check out her myspace.

Myah Marie- Single is kind of sexy.

Myah Marie – Hallucination

Myah Marie – Look In Your Eyes

Ke$ha. Kesha. She brushes her teeth with jack.

Kesha Sebert, Ke$ha. Kesha did extra vocals for the Britney Spears song “Lace and Leather” and Flo Rida’s hit “Right Round”. She is featured in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” music video, and co-wrote The Veronicas’ “This Love” She is also currently working on a collaboration with the band 3OH!3.

No doubt, she’s going to be the next big thing. There’s no doubt about that. (I have pretty good instincts about this and it usually blows up in my face aka my previous obsession-two years ago- with Lady Gaga and now I would like to string her neck. Oh well.) Anyways, Ke$ha is..unsual to say the least. She sings about boots and boys and you think, wow she’s super girly. And then about she sings about being bored and stoned, sitting in the basement. And you go to her myspace.  And you think pothead? Whatever she is with her well, interesting image, we’ve seen weirder-she’s effing catchy. Her new song that feature “P.Diddy” keeps having its name change (with Puffy Daddy, I wonder why..) but is available for download at LAST FM and itunes right now.  Check it out.   Tik Tok free download

More Kesha.

three is not a couple.

three is not a couple: love triangles

you want them, they want another. i want her, i want him, i don’t want anything. he wants her and i want you. you want me but i want him. i want you, but you’re with her. i want to be her, because she’s with you. you’re with someone else, but you want me. i’m on the side. would you just make up your mind?

what more can be said. i think that says it all. three is not a couple, and all the confusing bullshit that comes with love triangles, one-sided love,  genuine love between the taken and affairs & the like, in a mixtape ranging from pop tunes to nu-wave. whatever your situation might be, it’s here. probably. comment if taking please! 🙂

get the rar

01. the saturdays- “keep her” i’ve had enough, you can keep her. i’ve seen what you’ve been up to. i must say, i’m surprised you thought you could fool me (she can’t have you, because i don’t want to)

02.  queensberry- “bike” silly of me to think that you would always stay with me. if you’re likin’ what you got, why you cuttin’ me the look? i love you, but i hate her cos’ she loves you. and i can’t take it when she holds you, like i used to.

03. utada- “tippy toe” nobody has to know, stay very close to the floor.  nobody has to know, when we tippy toe. everytime i think about heaven needs a prayer cos’ you’re married and even have a family too.

04. tlc-  “if they knew” i don’t know know what she what do if she knew that you were comin’ to do what we do. if they knew just a fraction of the things we do, they still wouldn’t comprehend the depth between me and you.

05. the ultrasonics- “my best friend’s boyfriend” i’ve got to have me my best friend’s boyfriend, even though i know she cannot be replaced. i know that it’s wrong, but it feel so right. i can’t fight this feeling inside.

06. the bird & the bee- “fucking boyfriend (peaches remix)” would you ever be my fucking boyfriend? are you working up to something, you give me almost nothing. are you unkind, to torture all the other girls, you keep me by your side?

07. darren hayes- ” love and attraction” everyone that i desire wants to be with someone else. i find it so amusing. i want what i haven’t got. i want her, she wants him, he wants me, i give in. i started questioning the rules of coupling.

08. thestart- “her song” and i breathe, i could bleed, does it make me the same as her?i feel and i know feel exactly the same as her. she is falling over you. i could show you things, but i feel you have seen it all before.

09. the veronicas- “i can’t stay away” this is wrong, i should be gone, yet here i lay cos i can’t stay away. i’m conflicted, i inhale, now i’m addicted- to this place, to you babe.

10. frou frou- it’s good to be in love” it’s good to be in love, it really does suit you. just like everything. i’m happy you’re in love. how’s it happening that he feels it without me.

11. meiko- “boys with girlfriends” when i first met you, i knew that you were the one. til’ you took me home and i met her.  i knew she was jealous from the start. you play the victim & i’ll be the bad guy.

12. michelle branch- “if only she knew” i still love you like i did before. i know for sure you feel the same way i do. if only she knew. i know she loves you and i can’t interfere. i’ll just have to sit back and watch my world disappear.

13. skye sweetnam- “it sucks” what she doesn’t know what won’t hurt her. we’ll just keep it between us, bottled up inside. it’s so frustrating, you’re not the type that i should be dating. no matter where i go, or what i do,  it sucks because i want to be with you.

14. the spill canvas- “all over you” yeah he’s a looker but i really think that its guts that matters most. i displayed them for you. dress me up in what you want me to be. i gotta feel you in my bones again. why can’t you just love me back?

15. natalia imbrulgia- “one more addiction” first the good news, it’s gonna feel very good. then the bad news, you gotta pay a heavy price. rip tide,we slide we ride on a deep forbidden sea. i reject you, but i can’t follow through.

16. the academy is- “dear interceptori’ve been the secret you’ve been keeping. don’t hurt yourself. settle for less. it’s so typical to think less is more when you’re out of the lead.

17. bôa- “twilight” your feelings and mine are all holy.  you feel the same way that i do for you, about her. and you know that i love you but you know that there’s nothing you can do about it. because you love her and still want me.  if i could be her…but i’m not her & she’s not me.  but she doesn’t love you…


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