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Kyle Riabko

Kyle Riabko (born September 29, 1987) is a singer and guitarist who was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. His full-length album, “Before I Speak”, was released April 19, 2005, just a few months before his high school graduation. More recently, Kyle released the album “The Parkdale Sessions”.Kyle also is an “honorary member” of Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers. He currently is playing Melchior in the National Tour of Spring Awakening. He joins the touring cast after his Broadway debut for the same role.

You’ll have to excuse Kyle Riabko for missing the prom. When not studying in front of a computer, the 17-year-old Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native spent his junior year of high school touring with the likes of John Mayer, Buddy Guy and Maroon 5, and recording a wildly ambitious full-length major label debut, Before I Speak, with guests Liz Phair and Robert Randolph. He not only writes the songs on the album, but also sings, and plays guitar and bass, making him the kind of overachiever that probably wouldn’t be too popular with the Ashlee Simpson fans at school anyway. Fortunately, he’s got bluesy, soulful songs like “Do You Right” and “Doesn’t Get Much Better” to win him plenty of other dates”. –Aidin Vaziri

He is obviously no longer 17…My friend has seen this guy live so many times that he knows her by name and um, well, at least recognizes me from the times when I can afford to go. (I also had the biggest crush on him, heh.) I remember when I first heard him, he sounded in the likes of an older man, a jazz singer and well, definitely not Caucasian and from…Saskatchewan. (Google it.)  So if I’m going to do my comparisons, I’d say he’s a female Joss Stone. Or perhaps, the product of what Jason Mraz and Joss Stone would have if they decided to copulate…He was also on Instant Star, if you guys have seen that.


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