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Less Coffee, More Dancing ♨

Forget the caffeine and start your day off with high energy dance tunes from all over the world ✖✗✘

Useful for: cardio, waking up your neighbours, when you’re falling asleep at work. Mix of genres like EDM, jpop and mashups. Includes KARA, Moko, Deorro

get the tracks via the zip file / listen @ my 8tracks



Er, you can sort of see. Um, I’ll copy it out later. Maybe.


Margo- I Call The Shots

Download via

Myah Marie

Myah Marie is another one of those vox box chicks. Well sometimes. But mix that up with a little Britney. Her song “Candy From Strangers” way back was confused as a leak from Britney’s new album.  If you hear “Look In Your Eyes,” you can hear the similarities. She also has done back up for Britney so it makes sense. Check out her myspace.

Myah Marie- Single is kind of sexy.

Myah Marie – Hallucination

Myah Marie – Look In Your Eyes

MIXTAPE. Burn it all down.


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Electrocute Is On The Beat

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Electrocute is a Los Angeles-based  band originally formed in Berlin. They are rock’n’roller skates mean guitar and electronic soup chicks who play twisted pop, iggy pot, baddass low down and dirty lolli bop music. This is girls on the run, stripped down rock’n’roll made on whatever machines or weird electronics the duo dug up in their cramped studio: The Gummi Zelle (or Rubber Room to those unfamiliar with Germanic dialect), all brought together with a barrage of edgy guitar riffs, sassy lyrics brimming with sarcastic wit, and further compacted with a catchy charm that will delight the pop-hook slut in everyone.
DOWNLOAD “On The Beat.”
(Kids if you can’t figure it out, right-click, save as.)
Check them out at

The Black Ghosts

 electronic, electro, electronica, new rave, dance… 

United Kingdom (2006 – present)

The Black Ghosts are a United Kingdom-based electronic music duo comprised of Theo Keating and Simon Lord, formed in 2006. Keating and Lord had previously been in the bands The Wiseguys and Simian, respectively. The two discovered each other through the Internet and had only physically met after they had worked on a significant amount of material together. The Black Ghosts describe their style as “perverse, personal pop music”, a tendency that has its roots in both Keating and Lord’s early childhood. Download/Preview: the black ghosts – any way you choose to give it.mp3″

Stacy Clark: lady vox

Stacy’s music encompasses a variety of influences, and her sound is unique. Her lyrics are honest and heartfelt. Each song is carefully crafted note by note, melody by melody and with meaningful lyrics. Growing up dancing as a dancer, Stacy appreciates beats and movement. This can be heard with her folk-beat fusion. Stacy has been playing the guitar for 11 years. For more information please check out her website at:

female vocalists, electronic, alternative poplady vox

Download ‘Matter of Time

Introducing Taio Cruz & Lucia

Taio Cruz is an R&B artist who was born in London. He is a man of Nigerian and Brazilian descent. He is a multi instrumentalist, producer, singer, songwriter, and performer. He wrote the hit song “Your Game” by Will Young which won Best British Single at the Brit Awards in 2004. Cruz had one US hit in late 2006 / early 2007 with ‘I Just Wanna Know’.

‘Come on girl,” featuring Lucia is a catchy mix of genres. It is the third single from his album Departure, released two weeks after the physical release of “Come On Girl”. It has become his biggest hit to date, peaking at number five in the UK Singles Chart, outperforming both of his previous top 30 UK hits.

Download ‘Come on Girl’ Featuring Lucia
Download ‘Disco Fever’

Luciana is an upcoming new sound and style icon in the UK. Before she shot to underground fame after featuring on a number 2 track ‘Yeah Yeah’ last year with Bodyrox she was in pop/rock band Shooter where the wonderful ‘Life’s A Bitch’ came from. Since then she has featured on other songs such as Martijn Ten Velden’s amazing ‘I Wish You Would’ , Super Mal’s ‘Bigger Than Big’ , Mark Knight’s ‘Party Animal’ and the new song from Bodyrox, ‘What Planet You On’.

Download “Yeah Yeah”

Artist: Regina
Album: Oi Miten Suuria Voimia! (2007)
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop, Female Vocalists
Similar Artists: Belanova, , Dragonette, Ladytron, Au Revoir Simone
Link to album: 47.49 MB
[mp3 | rar | 10 files ]
Comments: Regina is a Finnish electropop band from Helsinki, Finland.

“Regina’s electronic pop avoids musical calculating and meaningless distance. Simultaneously grotesque and beautiful backgrounds blend in shameless melodies in their music. The result is sure to evoke strong feelings from either end of the emotional spectrum.”

Artist: Blindside
Album: The Black Rose Ep (2007)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore
Similar Artists: Dead Poetic, Spoken, Skillet
Link to album: 69.66 MB mb
[mp3 | rar | 8 files ]
Comments: Blindside is a ‘rock’ band from Sweden. As of their last full album, they’ve started to mix genres. I think it really works out for them. =D

Artist: Belanova
Album: Dulce Beat (2005)
Genre: Electro, Lounge, Pop, Electropop
Similar Artists: Regina, Reverie Sound Revue, Clazziquai
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 81. 41 MB / 11 Files)
Sample: “Me Pregunto” @
Comments: Belanova is a Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican synth-pop band from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. If you downloaded Regina from me previously and liked it, chances are you will like Belanova.

I highly recommend downloading this one, and even purchasing it. If you guys like them, I will post their other albums. 🙂

Artist: Clazziquai
Album: Color My Soul (2006)
Genre: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Lounge, Electronic, Acid Pop
Similar Artists: Instant Romantic Floor, Belanova, Regina
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 76. 4 MB / 11 Files)
Sample: “Salesman” @
Comments: Clazziquai (Hangul: 클래지콰이; Classic+Jazz+Groove) is a Korean/Canadian fusion band that combines several genres including electronica, classical, groove, chill-out lounge, acid jazz and house.

They sing in both English and Korean. TAKE IT, it’s worth it, I assure you !!


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