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blanket me in you

blanket me in you

i couldn’t quite get this tracklist in the order i wanted. oh well. i’ve been told this is “sex music.” maybe. ;D

get the tracks via the rar file

01. Jhene Aiko – stranger
02. Miguel – My Piece
03. Robin Thicke – The Stupid Things
04. Ne-Yo – Let Just Be
05. Rock Mafia – Rock Mafia
06. Joss Stone – Karma
07. Maria Mena – Boytoy Baby
08. Leni Ward – The Watcher
09. Bat For Lashes – Sleep Alone
10. Esthero – – Blanket Me In You
11. Phender – All I Want
12. Stephanie Forryan – Smooth Predator
13. Azam Ali – Other Side Of Me
14. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
15. Nadia Ali – Triangle
16. Alice Rose – Mora With The Golden Gun
17. Portishead – Machine Gun
18. Tagaq – Surge
19. Xx – Infinity
Image: Mai Ngân – Love is Complicated (by Ồ studio | | Đăng Thiện | 黎灯善)

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i’m open to falling from grace

a collection of some of my favourite trip-hop-industrial-downbeat-chillout-danceable-alternative-rock-indie-songs. uh, yeah.

get the tracks via the rar file

01. Sneaker Pimps – Bloodsport
02. Frank Ocean – Novacane
03. SBTRKT – Pharoahs
04. Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Radio Edit)
05. Flight Facilities – Crave You
06. The Weeknd – Wicked Games
07. New Look – Everything
08. Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
09. Joydrop – Beautiful
10. Garbage – #1 Crush
11. Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong
12. Björk – Army of me
13. Portishead – Roads
14. Massive Attack – Teardrop
15. Tricky – Overcome
16. Hooverphonic – Mad About You
17. Lamb- Gabriel
Image: Confiance [Amour vague] (by Shinji Watanabe

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CHUNGKING! CHUNGKING is a Brighton born trip-hop band consisting of Sean Hennesey, Jessie Banks and James Stephenson. “Retro-synth-soul trio.” There’s influences here; or more accurately, a blending of era. There’s soul and psychedelic pop redolent at Goldfrapp’s recent work. Sometimes, vocalist Jessie Banks can remind us of the flighty Springfield (‘Please Don’t Talk’) then the sultry Martina Topley-Bird (‘World of a Thousand Suns’). There’s a blend of modern synths in ‘Voodoo’ amongst others, as well as the sweeping strings expected in soul.  SUM UP: They are basically amazing.

trip-hop, electronic, chillout, downtempo, female vocalists

Download “Chungking- Making Music.mp3” from their album The Hungry Years.


(Simplified: 蔡依林 Pinyin: Cài Yī Lín English: Jolin Tsai) She’s the  best selling female artist in Taiwan to date. She’s fabulously and surprisingly catchy and sometimes that’s all you really need. I don’t understand a word of Mandarin but sometimes you don’t need to. All you really need is a good beat. For those that were with me, you listened to this on my mp3 player in Cancun. And yes, you liked it. ;D chinese, c-pop, pop, taiwan, cpop

Download: Jolin Tsai- Dancing Diva (舞孃; Wu niang) .mp3

MIXTAPE: love can damage your health.


001 love can damage your health [95.15MiB]

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Introducing “Girl Nobody”

electronic, indie rock, canadian, female vocals, trip-hop

Vancouver’s Girl Nobody formed in 1999 and has since become one of the few bands that can offer cerebral charm and sexual bravado within a lullaby of pop swoon, all the while continually stretching musical parameters. The band’s stunning live shows, along with their critically acclaimed self-released debut album The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be (2004), proved that the hype Girl Nobody had been generating was warranted.

Sounds like: Tapping the Vein, Sneaker Pimps and something else sexy all rolled into one.

DOWNLOAD: Girl Nobody- “Paperdoll”

The Return Of Boomkat

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Boomkat is an electronic and pop music duo consisting of brother-and-sister Kellin and Taryn Manning. Their debut album Boomkatalog.One was released in 2003. The first single “The Wreckoning” hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

The new EP, “Runaway”, & their new album, ‘A Million Trillion Stars,’ is now available on iTunes.

This is my new favourite from the album, “Stomp.” All in all the album is freaking excellent.  DOWNLOAD “Stomp” by Boomkat. 


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I’ll have Sheila up again soon, but I can’t at the moment since I don’t have access to my normal computer right now. 😦


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