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A1- The A List

Artist: A1
Album: The A List
Genre: pop, boybands, british, 90s, boyband
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a1 was an Anglo-Norwegian boy band whose first single, “PlayBe the First to Believe”, was released in 1999. The band consisted of Mark Read, Paul Marazzi, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen from Norway.

The groups publicity mainly focused on the fact that they wrote the majority of their own songs and three out of the four band members also played their own instruments.

Notes: I discovered this band when I was nine years old and in Asia…and I came back a few years later to find them all over YTV’s “Hit List” if anyone remembers that haha. They were my absolute fave haha. Hehe they look so ~srs~ in their videos. Oh boybands. How I miss thee. I also miss YTV haha.


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