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Laura Marling – Alas, I Cannot Swim

Laura Marling on MySpace

Laura Marling (born 1st February 1990) is an indie folk star in the ascendance whose striking melodies and wise-beyond-her-years vocals could melt even the iciest of hearts, mixing the strength of Regina Spektor with the intelligence of Carole King and the acoustic lushness of Joni Mitchell. The 19-year-old small town girl – Eversley, United Kingdom just outside of Reading to be exact – sings about love, lust and romance, the futility of religion, self-loathing and human psychology. Each one of her songs is a mini-blast of prime poetry, gorgeous melody and sublime songwomanship.

VV Brown

V.V.Brown is a singer, a songwriter, a performer, multi-instrumentalist and a producer, debut single, Crying Blood will be released by Island Records on November 3rd.

‘You have to admire V.V.Brown’s style…she has single-handedly invented her own music genre doo-wop indie’  –Vogue the Next Big Thing

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I Must Become A Lion Hearted Girl

i must become a lion hearted girl, ready for a fight
strength is a funny thing. these songs aren’t necessarily about needing strength, but they are by strong female voices and experiences that have brought them strength. i’m sure we’ve all experienced a few of these situations, felt those emotions. and in the end, you become a little bit stronger. “you never tell me what it is that makes you strong/and what it is that makes you weak” marina & the diamonds. “i could disappoint you slowly but surely.”kat flint. and the title of this mix is from the beautiful song “rabbit heart (raise it up)” by florence & the machine. the musical genres here range, offering a diversity i think you kids should check out. i am a sucker for the female voice and i personally really like this mix. 🙂 if you’d like to learn more about these extremely underrated artists, (and sample songs before you get this mix) check my blog.

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01 The Like- June Gloom
02 Mates of State- The Re-Arranger
03 Laura Marling-  My Manic And I
04 Kat Flint- Anticlimax
05 Elizabeth & The Catapult- Momma’s Boy
06 Florence & The Machine- Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
07 Fiona Apple- A Better Version Of Me
08 Maria & The Diamonds- Obsessions
09 Sierra Swan- Dr. LoveBoy
10 Anouk- Ball And Chain
11 Thomas Tantrum- Pshandy
12 Cassie Steele- Pavement
13 Girl In A Coma- Race Car Driver
14 Controller.Controller- silent seven
15 Pretty Girls Make Graves- Chemical, Chemical
16 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- Around The Bend
17 V.V Brown- Crying Blood
18 Ellie Golding- Starry Eyed
19 Mozella- You Wanted It
20 Ellem- This Is Alright
21 Kate Nash- Dickhead
22 Polly Scattergood- Please Don’t Touch

Elizabeth & the Catapult – Taller Children

Produced largely by Saddle Creek alumnus Mike Mogis — the one exception is the titular track, which was produced by Jim Eno of Spoon and the dubious-careered Jon Kaplan (who has produced such masterworks as … the Jonas Brothers!) — Taller Children is a solid pop record with a cheerful melodic bent taking the musical front seat in the recording, and the production supports that without becoming intrusive. Never does a song sound overproduced or forced, much to the album’s benefit.

Taller Children has tracks ranging from pure, innocent indie pop (”Momma’s Boy”) and seductive neo-jazz (”Right Next to You”) to a string-laden Leonard Cohen cover (”Everybody Knows”) and jazz-inflected bluegrass (”Complimentary Me”) — the diversity isn’t overwhelming, but it is refreshing, and it keeps the album from becoming yet another homogenous effort from a promising act. […] Musicgeek.

elizabeth & the catapult on MySpace

This video is also quite amusing.

They remind me a little of the bird & the bee.

Thomas Tantrum

Thomas Tantrum is a four piece from Southampton. They’ve already made waves this year with their spell-binding live shows and can be compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Sonic Youth and The Ting Tings.


Polly Scattergood

Polly Scattergood - Polly Scattergood (2009)

polly scattergood

– Polly Scattergood (2009)
Genre: Pop | MP3 | VBR | CBR 44,1kHz | 65 Mb

01 – I Hate The Way
02 – Other Too Endless
03 – Untitled 27
04 – Please Don’t Touch
05 – I Am Strong
06 – Unforgiving Arms
07 – Poem Song
08 – Bunny Club
09 – Nitrogen Pink
10 – Breathe In Breathe Out

Polly Scattergood on MySpace

Like a fable title, isn’t it? Not really sure where to Polly Scattergood’s album this year. Polly Scattergood is London’s new sensation. After Lilypolly scattergood Allen and clones, the alternative is now coming back. There are a couple songs on the album I quite like, there are others that annoy me. This whole Bjork-esque smart-artistic-female-music is just somehow not attractive as an atmosphere. On the other hand you can’t not fall for the sometimes-cute vocals, lyrics, the multi-instrumenthe golden filtertalist singer-songwriter girl… So there are ambiguities but she’s never gonna be as cool as Neko Case for example. Ok, Please, Don’t Touch is a great track. It’s nice and playful and everything with only a few moments of the irritation high-voiced vocals. Now, the remix by The Golden Filter is amazing. It transforms the original into an ‘authentic disco’ hymn. Of course, along the lines of Hercules & LA-aesthetics. Well, actually they made 3 remixes, a Vocal, a Dub, and a Pop. I’m gonna share the pop one, just cause we love pop. Haha. In case you’re not familiar with The Golden Filter, they are from NYC and they are playing the mystery-card, so not much to know about them right now. Just listen to Solid Gold (video) and the Cut Copy+Little Boots remixes. (Thanks to the Yellow Stereo.)

mp3Polly Scattergood – Please, Don’t Touch (The Golden Filter Pop Mix) [mediafire] // [ysi]

Florence & The Machine

Florence & The Machine:

Tracklisting –
1. Dog Days Are Over
2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
3. I’m Not Calling You A Liar
4. Howl
5. Kiss With A Fist
6. Girl With One Eye
7. Drumming Song
8. Between Two Lungs
9. Cosmic Love
10. My Boy Builds Coffins
11. Hurricane
12. Blinding
13. You’ve Got The Love (Bonus Track)

At points on her debut album, Lungs, Florence Welch suggests she’s a wild Englishwoman on par with PJ Harvey: She sets her boyfriend ablaze and cuts out a girl’s eye because the bitch won’t get her “filthy fingers outta my pie.” Welch sets her unique ideas about romance to punk blues, Kate Bush-style mystic art rock and crazy-Celt bombast (where her voice skirts near the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan’s). The best bits feel like being chased through a moonless night by a sexy moor witch. No wonder the tenderest moment is “My Boy Builds Coffins,” where Welch warns, “One of these days he’ll make one for you.”

Florence and The Machine on MySpace


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