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i want the world with no consequences

“don’t push me so hard. i suffocate quick. don’t cage me in.”  titular track goes something like, “you’re calling me insatiable. should i settle for less, you’re good, but i want the best. i want you, along with the rest. i want the world with no consequences.” obviously, a collection of songs about wanting to spend all day in bed, reading books. when you walk away, you don’t hear me say, oh please, baby, don’t go. simple and clean. 

get the tracks via the zip file
01. versaemerge- no consequences
02. natasha bedingfield – single
03. britt nicole – good day
04. pussycat dolls- flirt
05. pink- slut like you
06. aimee allen – i’m not your girlfriend
07. dragonette- i get around (trophy twins remix)
08. jessie malakouti – commitment issues
09. sweetbox- don’t push me
10. nelly furtado – say it right
11. utada hikaru – simple & clean
12. nikki flores – suffocate

photo: Hush-bnw (by Samah Goraya)


i feel it in my bones

a lot of indie-something-whistling songs that go whoa-oh-oh-oh over and over. i suppose you can dance around your room in your underwear to them, if that’s your thing. but me, i would never do such a thing.

get the tracks via the zip file

01. friends- i’m his girl
02. anya marina – spirit school
03. jenny lane- greener grass
04. NONONO- Pumpin Blood
05. crystal fighters – plage
06. wolf gang- lions in cages
07. youngblood hawke- we come running
08. imagine dragons- radioactive
09. first aid kit- wolf
10. loreen- we got the power
11. craft spells- burst
12. grouplove – colours
13. the fiery furances – tropical ice-land

photo: Dani K. (by kolorblind.netFlickr / ipr0d1gy

We’re All Just Taller Children

we’re all just taller children
this is my hipster cheering slash singing in unison slash duets mix. if you know my mixes by now, you know that i have completely random taste in music. (but dare i say, good taste ;D) this mix ranges from songs that have that “cheering yelling” thing or just plain old cheering with what i would describe as “boys and girls singing together.” more or less. just..listen to it. upbeat to just plain old’ pretty.  and yes, you’ll want to sing along. battle royale, tilly & the wall, tullycraft, kyle riabko. samples & more – check my blog.

get the rar

01 Kyle Riabko & Liz Phair- Chemistry
02 The Chalets- Nightrocker
03 Stupid- I’m Not Going
04 The Sounds- Don’t Want To Hurt You
05 Elizabeth & The Catapult- Taller Children
06 Mates Of State- Ha Ha
07 Architecture In Helsinki- It 5
08 Go! Team- Bottle Rocket
09 The Battle Royale- Oh Martha
10 Gentleman Auction House- Call It Casual
11 The Craft Economy- Ok. Ciao. Bye.
12 Tilly & The Wall- Nights Of The Living Dead
13 Tullycraft- Fall 4 U
14 Love You To Death- Simple Song, Simple Plan
15 Hannah & Sam- Who’s Bitten You
16 The Most Serene Republic- Proposition 61
17 The Hush Sound- Don’t Wake Me Up
18 The XX- Crystalised
19 Straylight Run- A Slow Descent
20 The Spill Canvas- 3685

The Script

The Script are Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power from Dublin, Ireland.

After reaching 15 in the charts with debut single We Cry, their 2nd single The Man Who Can’t Be Moved peaked at 2. Their debut album, The Script, was released on the 11th August, and went straight to number 1 on iTunes UK & Ireland. Their 3rd single Breakeven was released on the 10th of November 2008.

They sound a little like a mix of The Fray and the Notwist. I’m pretty sure this song is absolutely gorgeous.

The ScriptBreakeven

Introducing Sierra Swan

Artist: Sierra Swan
Album: LadyLand (2006)
Genre: female vocalists, singer-songwriter, pop
Similar Artists:

Link to album: DOWNLOAD
Sample: “Sierra Swan – Don’t Say” @

The daughter of guitarist, Billy Swan, sultry-pop chanteuse Sierra Swan grew up with music in her soul. After her first major label duo Dollshead broke up, she spent her time creating new material for a solo record, collaborated with Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and also recorded some vocal tracks for the rock band Cold. But it was really only after she met singer-songwriter Linda Perry that she truly began to blossom.

Notes: Some songs she honestly reminds me of Fiona Apple, but on the bootleg version of Extraordinary Machine. But like…mixed with Garbage riffs. Er, I’m not sure. Don’t listen to me, just listen to her. Her lyrics could use some work, but other wise she’s fairly solid. Standout track for me is “Dr. LoveBoy.”

I’ve got some of her newer tracks if anyone is interested.

MIXTAPE: a duel will settle this.


a duel will settle this [116.23MiB]

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MIXTAPE: absinthe party


Another really old mixtape heh. Oh the old days.

02 absinthe party. [128.32MiB]

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image: fired earth.. (by .bella.)


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