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DANCE MIXTAPE #3 “What’s yr sexy”


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Electrocute Is On The Beat

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Electrocute is a Los Angeles-based  band originally formed in Berlin. They are rock’n’roller skates mean guitar and electronic soup chicks who play twisted pop, iggy pot, baddass low down and dirty lolli bop music. This is girls on the run, stripped down rock’n’roll made on whatever machines or weird electronics the duo dug up in their cramped studio: The Gummi Zelle (or Rubber Room to those unfamiliar with Germanic dialect), all brought together with a barrage of edgy guitar riffs, sassy lyrics brimming with sarcastic wit, and further compacted with a catchy charm that will delight the pop-hook slut in everyone.
DOWNLOAD “On The Beat.”
(Kids if you can’t figure it out, right-click, save as.)
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