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i feel it in my bones

a lot of indie-something-whistling songs that go whoa-oh-oh-oh over and over. i suppose you can dance around your room in your underwear to them, if that’s your thing. but me, i would never do such a thing.

get the tracks via the zip file

01. friends- i’m his girl
02. anya marina – spirit school
03. jenny lane- greener grass
04. NONONO- Pumpin Blood
05. crystal fighters – plage
06. wolf gang- lions in cages
07. youngblood hawke- we come running
08. imagine dragons- radioactive
09. first aid kit- wolf
10. loreen- we got the power
11. craft spells- burst
12. grouplove – colours
13. the fiery furances – tropical ice-land

photo: Dani K. (by kolorblind.netFlickr / ipr0d1gy

(via Regress Into A Dream by ~orangeish on deviantART)

buy my love

get the tracks via the rar file

01. Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love
02. Oh Land – Speak Out Now
03. The Cataracs Feat. Dev – Sunrise
04. Natalia Kills – Lights Out (feat. Far East Movement)
05. Sarah Raba feat. Craig David – Bits and Pieces
06. Inna – Endless (Speak One Official Reworked)
07. Skrillex Ft. Ellie Goulding – Summit
08. Sara Tunes – XOXO (BitNoize Remix)
09. Beldina – Here We Go
10. Vanessa Falk – Beg Like a Dog
11. Danny Fernandes – Hit Me Up (feat. Josh Ramsay & Belly)
12. Marina and The Diamonds – Starring Role
13. Se7ven – Single Love Affair
14. Rania – Pop Pop Pop
15. Kat Deluna – Fire

photo: Regress Into A Dream by ~orangeish on deviantART

dancing on the subway: mixtape



dancing on the subway

these tunes, when i’m on the subway, when i’m walking, stalking, running- it’s very hard for me to not dance around. oh yeah, i’m that crazy girl. the one that dances. hanging off the ceiling. and you know what, you will too. so what have we got here? some are all out club type pop songs. others- cheryl cole’s parachute fastforwarded. the stunners, you’re going to see more of them in the future, i’m sure. myah marie, she sounds like britney spears. so does this tune a little bit. that’s because well, she’s britney’s “backup” vocal. 😉 new christina, new paradiso girls, and some other divas that are ridiculously catchy. yeah, listen to it. you know you want to. don’t hate. samples & more – check my blog.

rar file

01 Cheryl Cole- “Parachute”
02 Kristine Elezaj- “Let You Know”
03 Shontelle- “Licky”
04 Che’Nelle- “Follow Me”
05 Ke$ha- “Backstabber”
06 Esmee Denters- “007 On You”
07 Chenelle Ray- “Starstruck”
08 Alex Young- “Music”
09 Jessica Jarrell- “Armageddon”
10 Kelis- “Scream & Shout”
11 Christina Aguilera- “Spotlight”.
12 Jade Ewan- “Had Him First”
13 Myah Marie- “Feet On The Ground”
14 Livvi Franc- “Automatik”
15 Eva Simons- “Silly Boy”
16 Kaci Battaglia- “Crazy Possessive”
17 Girlicious- “Sexy Bitch” (Cover)
18 Sugababes- “She’s A Mess”
19 The Stunners- “Dancin’ Around The Truth”
20 Paradiso Girls- “Boys Go Crazy”
21 Tami Chynn- “Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)”

Mixtape, let’s see if this works.

Boo, it won’t embed.

Shock Of Love October 2009 mixA replacement for muxtape. Check this site out, pretty cool. Make your own 😀 Anyways, this is mine. October 2009, featuring some tracks from below. 

three is not a couple.

three is not a couple: love triangles

you want them, they want another. i want her, i want him, i don’t want anything. he wants her and i want you. you want me but i want him. i want you, but you’re with her. i want to be her, because she’s with you. you’re with someone else, but you want me. i’m on the side. would you just make up your mind?

what more can be said. i think that says it all. three is not a couple, and all the confusing bullshit that comes with love triangles, one-sided love,  genuine love between the taken and affairs & the like, in a mixtape ranging from pop tunes to nu-wave. whatever your situation might be, it’s here. probably. comment if taking please! 🙂

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01. the saturdays- “keep her” i’ve had enough, you can keep her. i’ve seen what you’ve been up to. i must say, i’m surprised you thought you could fool me (she can’t have you, because i don’t want to)

02.  queensberry- “bike” silly of me to think that you would always stay with me. if you’re likin’ what you got, why you cuttin’ me the look? i love you, but i hate her cos’ she loves you. and i can’t take it when she holds you, like i used to.

03. utada- “tippy toe” nobody has to know, stay very close to the floor.  nobody has to know, when we tippy toe. everytime i think about heaven needs a prayer cos’ you’re married and even have a family too.

04. tlc-  “if they knew” i don’t know know what she what do if she knew that you were comin’ to do what we do. if they knew just a fraction of the things we do, they still wouldn’t comprehend the depth between me and you.

05. the ultrasonics- “my best friend’s boyfriend” i’ve got to have me my best friend’s boyfriend, even though i know she cannot be replaced. i know that it’s wrong, but it feel so right. i can’t fight this feeling inside.

06. the bird & the bee- “fucking boyfriend (peaches remix)” would you ever be my fucking boyfriend? are you working up to something, you give me almost nothing. are you unkind, to torture all the other girls, you keep me by your side?

07. darren hayes- ” love and attraction” everyone that i desire wants to be with someone else. i find it so amusing. i want what i haven’t got. i want her, she wants him, he wants me, i give in. i started questioning the rules of coupling.

08. thestart- “her song” and i breathe, i could bleed, does it make me the same as her?i feel and i know feel exactly the same as her. she is falling over you. i could show you things, but i feel you have seen it all before.

09. the veronicas- “i can’t stay away” this is wrong, i should be gone, yet here i lay cos i can’t stay away. i’m conflicted, i inhale, now i’m addicted- to this place, to you babe.

10. frou frou- it’s good to be in love” it’s good to be in love, it really does suit you. just like everything. i’m happy you’re in love. how’s it happening that he feels it without me.

11. meiko- “boys with girlfriends” when i first met you, i knew that you were the one. til’ you took me home and i met her.  i knew she was jealous from the start. you play the victim & i’ll be the bad guy.

12. michelle branch- “if only she knew” i still love you like i did before. i know for sure you feel the same way i do. if only she knew. i know she loves you and i can’t interfere. i’ll just have to sit back and watch my world disappear.

13. skye sweetnam- “it sucks” what she doesn’t know what won’t hurt her. we’ll just keep it between us, bottled up inside. it’s so frustrating, you’re not the type that i should be dating. no matter where i go, or what i do,  it sucks because i want to be with you.

14. the spill canvas- “all over you” yeah he’s a looker but i really think that its guts that matters most. i displayed them for you. dress me up in what you want me to be. i gotta feel you in my bones again. why can’t you just love me back?

15. natalia imbrulgia- “one more addiction” first the good news, it’s gonna feel very good. then the bad news, you gotta pay a heavy price. rip tide,we slide we ride on a deep forbidden sea. i reject you, but i can’t follow through.

16. the academy is- “dear interceptori’ve been the secret you’ve been keeping. don’t hurt yourself. settle for less. it’s so typical to think less is more when you’re out of the lead.

17. bôa- “twilight” your feelings and mine are all holy.  you feel the same way that i do for you, about her. and you know that i love you but you know that there’s nothing you can do about it. because you love her and still want me.  if i could be her…but i’m not her & she’s not me.  but she doesn’t love you…

dance the night away: summer anthems

dance the night away: summer anthems
i actually made this back in april when i was far too excited for summer and….apparently going out. (by the end of the night/ i’ma have you  drunk and throwing up) i sent it to my friends but couldn’t be “arsed” so to speak to post it. so, half way into summer i’m posting songs that by now you’ve already heard of. well, some of them, ie, patron tequila. some of them are old songs, and some you have probably never heard of…yet. either way, they will guarantee at least- a good predrink with the girls. or something like that. sexy dance times also acceptable, with a lover or you know, by yourself.

get the rar

01. eve – “tambourine
02. valeria – “bubble gum
03. jamie sullivan – “dream big (stonebridge remix)”
04. nexx – “bitch switch
05. enrique- “push
06. alex young- “heart stop
07. brick and lace – “push it up
08. ciara, gucci- “feelin’ on my ass
09. francesca – “i gotta know
10. jada- “i gotta know
11. kat deluna – “dance bailalo”
12. kat deluna- “unstoppable
13. keri hilson – “return the favor (sketch is dead remix)”
14. lauren evans “semi-automatic”
15. melissa m- “quoi que tu dises”
16. paradiso girls “patron tequila”
17. pixie lott “i wish i was there
18. natalie cappuccini- “real woman”
19. natasha bedingfield- “like me”
20. sweet rush- “dance the night away”
21. jessica mauboy- “to the floor”
22. velvet angels- “line em’ up”
23. wynter- “nothing compares”

beware of the dog: hello memory lane mixtape

beware of the dog: hello memory lane

this is a continuation of the last post, more (mostly) girl groups & singers, but many of these are later songs & artists, including that of the UK & remixes. a little more eclectic than the last. “beware of the dog,” has similarities with depeche mode & duff, if you can figure that one out.

zip file new link

1. christina aguilera – still dirrty
2. boyz n girlz united – they say
3. all saints – rock steady
4. mis-teeq – one night stand
5. jamelia – beware of the dog
6. rachel stevens – i said never again (but here we are)
7. kylie minogue – wow (mstrkrft remix)
8. jessica simpson – irresistible
9. kaci – paradise (club mix)
10. liberty x – just a little bit
11. hilary duff – stranger
12. bone thugs-n-harmony – get up and get it (ft. 3lw and felicia)
13. angela via – baila baila (don’t let this party end) (chico latino remix radio edit)
14. britney spears – trouble
15. sugababes – red dress
16. boyz n girlz united – dance with me

image: Autumn… (by Khang Lâm)


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