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Darin Zanyar

Download: Darin- Karma.mp3
Darin- Strobelight.mp3

DarinGirl Next Door (Prod. By Konvict)

I’ve posted about him like a million times so, here is he is again. The new album is really good.

Mixtapes for all sorts of days.


Limit (by SamAlive)


step into the light
kind of low-key. Touches on acid-jazz, r&b, indie-pop & other super kinds of electronic, trip-hop and alternative goodness. Lounge about. Dance. Whatever.

the rar file

01. Brandy – “Ryde Or Die
02. Nikki Flores – “Suffocate
03. Linden – “In & Out
04. Bird & The Bee – “Love Letter To Japan
05. Take That – “Circus
06. Alesha Dixon – “Italians Do It Better
07. Reverie Sound Revue – “It’s All The Same
08. Clazziquai – “I Will Give You Everything
09. Björk – “Joga
10. Delta Goodrem – “Lost Without You (Acoustic)
11. Under The Influence Of Giants – “Meaningless Love
12.Mozella – “Amnesia
13. Blindside- “My Alibi
14. The Postal Service- “Nothing Better
15. Humming Urban Stereo- “Pokinoï
16. Clazziquai- “She Is
17. Fiona Apple- “Sleep To Dream
18. Krystal- “Or Someone Else Will
19. Darren- “Step Into The Light“As for requests, I’ll try to get those to you guys in the new year! =)

Image: Limit (by SamAlive)



i don’t need a doctor, i’ll just have a breakdown

it’s random. but good. try it out.

the rar file

01. Michelle Branch – “Are You Happy Now?
02. The Moffatts – “Bang Bang Boom
03. The Waking Eyes – “Move On
04. theSTART – “Christian, Christian
05. Archie Star – “What You Want To Be
06. Blindside – “Fell In Love With The Game
07. Harvey Danger – “Flagpole Sitta
08. Under the Influence Of Giants – “In the Clouds
09. Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Israel
10. Snake River Conspiracy – “Love Song
11. Anna Tsuchiya – “Slap That Naughty Body
12. the Automatic – “Monster
13. Lady Fuzz- “Oh Marie
14. The (International) Noise Conspiracy- “The Way I Feel About You
15. Yelle – “A Cause Des Garcons




my love is my engine

a mix of some both embarassingly loveable dance and poptunes. and some more.  (Reggaeton, r&b, trance) whatever, you know you want it.

the rar file

01. Alesha – “Colours of the Rainbow
02. Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne – “Let It Rock (Dirty)
03. Rana Roy – “Overnight Sensation
04. Nexx – “Straight To Bed
05. Ace of Base – “Wheel of Fortune 2009
06. Utada Hikaru – “Devil Inside (Richard Vission Experience)
07. Brittiana High – “Watch This Spacel
08. Ricki-Lee – “Wiggle It (UK Version)
09. Pussycat Dolls – “Bite The Dust
10. Frank – “Money In My Pocket
11. The Saturdays – “If This Is Love
12. iiO – “Is It Love
13. Kaci Brown – “My Baby
14. PYT – “PYT (Down With Me)
15. Wisin & Yandel – “Rakata
16. Delerium- “Silence (Tiesto)
17. Che’Nelle – “Teach Me How To Dance
18. Madison Avenue- “Who The Hell Are You?”

MY HARDDRIVE CRASHED 😦 My heart is pretty broken right now.  So my posts will be lazier for a bit, plus I’m in Costa Rica and then in Winnipeg until the 12th. I’ll be posting here and there, no worries.

Morgan Page “The Longest Road” (Deadmau5 Remix)


Morgan Page is in the mood to celebrate and he has a very good reason to. The Deadmau5 remix of his tune “The Longest Road” received a GRAMMY nod in the Best Remixed Recording category this morning. To celebrate Morgan is giving away the nominated track away to readers of Totally. guilt-free. He is a long-standing fan of this blog, and I’m a long-standing fan of his music, so we’d figured it was just the right thing to do. This is a gorgeous remix with a smooth and soothing vibe to it. Vocals are by electro-folk singer Lissie. Very pretty.

Download Morgan Page “The Longest Road” (Deadmau5 Remix)


amazing ladies. <3


“Unwritten” (2004)

These Words
I’m A Bomb
I Bruise Easily
If You’re Gonna Jump
Silent Movie
We’re All Mad
Frogs & Princes
Drop Me In The Middle
Wild Horses
Size Matters
Peace Of Me

The One That Got Away


“Apparently Unaffected

Internal Dialogue
This Bottle Of Wine
Miss You Love
Boytoy Baby
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 1
He’s Hurting Me
Just Hold Me
Long Time Coming
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 2
Nevermind Me
These Shoes
Our Battles
Calm Under The Waves
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 3

Ultraviolet Sound

Operator Please is a baroque pop band from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

This song sort of sounds like a female Artic Monkeys to me. Check them out. It’s good.

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sounds like:

Download Operater Please- Get What You Want
Operator Please’s myspace

Note about my meebo:

IF I AM ONLINE, IT WILL TELL YOU I AM. Otherwise I won’t respond til much later. It basically just leaves messages for me. So if you’re leaving a comment, tell me who you are and I’ll try to get back to you. 🙂

Natalia Cappuccini : how can you call it a lifestyle when you don’t live your life in style?

Natalia Cappuccini – Verbalicious (2008)

Natalia Cappuccini – Verbalicious (2008)
1. Shopaholic
2. Gentleman
3. The Talk Sh!t Bout Me (feat. Matt Pokora)
4. Swaggeriffic
5. Next Big Me
6. Hey Boy
7. Ain’t My Fault
8. Don’t Play nice
9. Dangerous (My Daddy)
10. Heaven
11. Shopaholic (remix)
12. Don’t Play Nice (Remix)
Download Here
Password: magic

Natalia Cappuccini – Real Woman (New Single)

Natalia Cappuccini – Real Woman
Natalia Cappuccini, formerly known as Verbz, Verse, and Verbalicious, is a British musician, actress and MC.

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Hi. This is a place where I post mixtapes for my wonderful friends. Somehow this blog has survived for 5 years.


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If you guys want to request something, do so on the request tab. And if you like it, comment & let me know or how else will I bloody know you like it? Svp?

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