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WHAT’S MUXTAPE? Basically….online mixtapes. Pretty much the most ingenious idea for mixtape whores like myself. (Well I’m from the mixed CD era as you guys know but still.)

From MUXTAPE.COM: It became a phenomenon within hours, spreading from a massively reblogged post on Tumblr as music lovers found something they’d been missing in the new era of digital music: the simple power of a hand-crafted mix. Muxtape is a living music platform in its early stages. Our goal is to redefine the mixtape on the internet as a model for music discovery and social interaction, and to do so in the most elegant way technology allows. We believe that music is better when it’s presented to you by a person with care.

SPEAK: I encourage you guys to make one, and stumble through other muxtapes via the muxtape stumbler. Take a listen to the two I’ve got up there and let me know if there are any songs you guys want. And be sure to favourite them once you make your own…and let me know if you’ve made one.


Hi. This is a place where I post mixtapes for my wonderful friends. Somehow this blog has survived for 5 years.


24-hour use only ;)


If you guys want to request something, do so on the request tab. And if you like it, comment & let me know or how else will I bloody know you like it? Svp?

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