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Girls Aloud: Out Of Control [Album Clips] Official HQ

Hmmm…It appears to be less dance than their previous albums, a slower vibe but on the marks of their first album? If that makes any sense. Either way I’ll look forward to the release and will decide then.

Lady Gaga- Starstruck lyrics

Groove slam work it back
Filter that baby bump that track
Groove slam work it back
Filter that baby bump that track
Groove slam work it back
Space Cowboy just play that track
Gaga in the room so starstruck
cherry cherry boom boom

Rollin up to the club on the weekends
Stylin’ out to the beat that you’re freakin
Fantasize on the track that you’re tweakin’??
Blow my heart up
Put your hands on my waist, pull the fader
Run it back with original flavour
Cue me up on the twelve on the table

I’m so starstruck

Starstruck, baby could you blow my heart up?
and so what

Baby now that we’re alone, got a request
Would you make me number one on your playlist
Got your dirty headphones with the left side on
Wanna smack it back and forth back and forth uhuh
Put your hands on my waist, pull the fader
Run it back with original flavour
Put the brake down first
the chorus to the verse (reverse?)

[rap] (I don’t care to do this part lol)



not sure if these are totally correct.

Midnight rush, with a pen in my hand
Inkin Lincoln, sand-script with a fan
Remembering me, before it began
Sometimes I felt so Def in the Jam

Cuz the ones who loved me, told me to stop
Like homegirl can’t catch sh*t if it drops
A superwoman chick, you know that I am
Some sh*t don’t fly by me in a man

Cuz I do not accept any less
Than someone just as real, as fabulous

Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Won’t sign away my life to
Someone whose got the flavor
But don’t have no follow through
Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Wont sign no monkey papers
I don’t do funny business
Not interested in fakers
Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Uh oh
Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Uh oh

Got something really shiny to start
Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart?
I’ve heard it before
Yeah, the dinners were nice
Till your diamond words melted into some ice

You should been rapping to the beat of my song Mr. California,
PAPER GANGSTA and I’m lookin’ for love, not an
empty page full of stuff that means nothing but “you’ve
been played”

Cuz I do not accept any less
Than someone just as real, as fabulous


chours (x2)

I also put it up at songmeanings

A1- The A List

Artist: A1
Album: The A List
Genre: pop, boybands, british, 90s, boyband
Similar Artists:

Link to album: DOWNLOAD
Sample: “A1- Same Old Brand New You” @

a1 was an Anglo-Norwegian boy band whose first single, “PlayBe the First to Believe”, was released in 1999. The band consisted of Mark Read, Paul Marazzi, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen from Norway.

The groups publicity mainly focused on the fact that they wrote the majority of their own songs and three out of the four band members also played their own instruments.

Notes: I discovered this band when I was nine years old and in Asia…and I came back a few years later to find them all over YTV’s “Hit List” if anyone remembers that haha. They were my absolute fave haha. Hehe they look so ~srs~ in their videos. Oh boybands. How I miss thee. I also miss YTV haha.

Introducing Sierra Swan

Artist: Sierra Swan
Album: LadyLand (2006)
Genre: female vocalists, singer-songwriter, pop
Similar Artists:

Link to album: DOWNLOAD
Sample: “Sierra Swan – Don’t Say” @

The daughter of guitarist, Billy Swan, sultry-pop chanteuse Sierra Swan grew up with music in her soul. After her first major label duo Dollshead broke up, she spent her time creating new material for a solo record, collaborated with Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and also recorded some vocal tracks for the rock band Cold. But it was really only after she met singer-songwriter Linda Perry that she truly began to blossom.

Notes: Some songs she honestly reminds me of Fiona Apple, but on the bootleg version of Extraordinary Machine. But like…mixed with Garbage riffs. Er, I’m not sure. Don’t listen to me, just listen to her. Her lyrics could use some work, but other wise she’s fairly solid. Standout track for me is “Dr. LoveBoy.”

I’ve got some of her newer tracks if anyone is interested.

Jessie & Shut Up Stella


On My Bed
Oprah For President
These Are The Days
Waiting For You
Welcome To My Party


PS New track!
Big Booty
Check N Out

I thought I had posted the latter two Malakouti, but I guess not. I am not exactly sure how I feel about some of the lyrical content of “PS,” but otherwise it seems consistent with her other upbeat tracks slash style. I can’t help feeling so delicious tonight….

Remember to go out and support the artists =)

On another note, I understand Zshare isn’t working. Hopefully that will be sorted out… :S As a result, these are all on mediafire.

The owner of [a certain popular] blog is really obnoxious.

If you came from a particular blog–you know what the blog is—

If you came from there, the spamming, it wasn’t me. Go back there. This blog is for my friends. Sorry kids. She has some good stuff but as a person she’s quite immature. (Ah well, imagine if that’s all you did, run home to your blog so you can post stuff for people? Maybe I’d be an angry person too.)

MIXTAPE: love can damage your health.


001 love can damage your health [95.15MiB]

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MIXTAPE: a duel will settle this.


a duel will settle this [116.23MiB]

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MIXTAPE: absinthe party


Another really old mixtape heh. Oh the old days.

02 absinthe party. [128.32MiB]

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image: fired earth.. (by .bella.)


symphonic [81.21MiB]

This mixtape is largely comprised of songs with strings.

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