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one: battlefield

These songs are all absolutely gorgeous.
That’s really how I’m going to describe them.
A lot of piano and such.

002 battlefield [110.70MiB]

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singer songwriters.

Artist: Lily Holbrook
Album: Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie Pop, Melancholic
Similar Artists: Holly Brook, Susie Suh, Jenny Owen Youngs
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 60.35 MB MB / 10 Files)
Comments: Lily Holbrook’s sweetly provocative voice snags your soul from the first strains of “Welcome To the Slaughter.” Like a more sultry Tori Amos, with a touch of gruff vibrato ala Stevie Nicks, Lily is like a tortured angel trying to keep aloft. Her attempts create music that is stunningly beautiful and often brutally poignant with the lyrical content. The intensity she creates through mostly mellow music is mesmerizing. -Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful her music is…

Artist: Sheila Nicholls
Album: Wake (2002)
Genre: Piano, Singer-Songwriters, Female Vocalists
Similar Artists: Jack Black, Rachael Sage, Sarah Slean
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 52 MB MB / 11 Files)
Sample: “Faith” @
Comments: Sheila Nicholls is a rare gem, the kind of songwriter who doesn’t come by very often. She can sing a ballad one moment, happy and relaxed, and vent her anger a few minutes later without second thought.

-In Music We Trust

Artist: Julia (Anne)
Album: Flight Ep (2006)
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Piano,
Similar Artists: Holly Brook, Fiona Apple, Lily Holbrook, Susie Suh, Jenny Owen Youngs
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 35 MB / 6 Files)
Comments: Julia (anne) is one of those utterly poignant artists that is extremely underrated. She plays with this gorgeous piano, and her vocals range from being slightly Fiona to a little bit indie-emo. I highly recommend checking her out- if you like her, buy her EP which can be found on her site.
Artist: Mozella
Album: I Will (2006)
Genre: Soul, Acoustic, Vocal Alternative, Pop
Similar Artists: Boomkat, Susie Suh, Kt Tunstall, Butterfly Boucher
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 52 MB / 11 Files)
Comments: “While it may be tempting to compare her sound and style to everyone from Norah Jones to Lauryn Hill, 23-year-old MoZella stakes out her own musical territory–pop melodies, jazzy soulful vocals–on her debut album I Will. A beguiling blend of natural-born songwriting skills, a distinctive vocal gift and a lifetime steeped in music.”

Artist: Susie Suh
Album: Susie Suh (2005)
Genre: Indie, Melancholic, Singer-Songwriter, Folk
Similar Artists: Sia, 8mm, Mozella, Fiona Apple
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 54 MB / 10 Files)
Comments: Susie Suh is a Korean American adult alternative/folk-rock singer-songwriter. Her music is often compared to Fiona Apple, Sarah McLachlan, and Aimee Mann. Suh cites Joni Mitchell and Beth Gibbons among her influences.

Check out “Battlefield.’ Simply amazing. Another extremely talented, underrated artist with the most beautiful music.


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