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MIXTAPE: love can damage your health.


001 love can damage your health [95.15MiB]

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Artist: Regina
Album: Oi Miten Suuria Voimia! (2007)
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop, Female Vocalists
Similar Artists: Belanova, , Dragonette, Ladytron, Au Revoir Simone
Link to album: 47.49 MB
[mp3 | rar | 10 files ]
Comments: Regina is a Finnish electropop band from Helsinki, Finland.

“Regina’s electronic pop avoids musical calculating and meaningless distance. Simultaneously grotesque and beautiful backgrounds blend in shameless melodies in their music. The result is sure to evoke strong feelings from either end of the emotional spectrum.”

Artist: Blindside
Album: The Black Rose Ep (2007)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore
Similar Artists: Dead Poetic, Spoken, Skillet
Link to album: 69.66 MB mb
[mp3 | rar | 8 files ]
Comments: Blindside is a ‘rock’ band from Sweden. As of their last full album, they’ve started to mix genres. I think it really works out for them. =D

Artist: Belanova
Album: Dulce Beat (2005)
Genre: Electro, Lounge, Pop, Electropop
Similar Artists: Regina, Reverie Sound Revue, Clazziquai
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 81. 41 MB / 11 Files)
Sample: “Me Pregunto” @
Comments: Belanova is a Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican synth-pop band from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. If you downloaded Regina from me previously and liked it, chances are you will like Belanova.

I highly recommend downloading this one, and even purchasing it. If you guys like them, I will post their other albums. 🙂

Artist: Clazziquai
Album: Color My Soul (2006)
Genre: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Lounge, Electronic, Acid Pop
Similar Artists: Instant Romantic Floor, Belanova, Regina
Link to album: (RAR | MP3 | 76. 4 MB / 11 Files)
Sample: “Salesman” @
Comments: Clazziquai (Hangul: 클래지콰이; Classic+Jazz+Groove) is a Korean/Canadian fusion band that combines several genres including electronica, classical, groove, chill-out lounge, acid jazz and house.

They sing in both English and Korean. TAKE IT, it’s worth it, I assure you !!


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