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dancing on the subway: mixtape



dancing on the subway

these tunes, when i’m on the subway, when i’m walking, stalking, running- it’s very hard for me to not dance around. oh yeah, i’m that crazy girl. the one that dances. hanging off the ceiling. and you know what, you will too. so what have we got here? some are all out club type pop songs. others- cheryl cole’s parachute fastforwarded. the stunners, you’re going to see more of them in the future, i’m sure. myah marie, she sounds like britney spears. so does this tune a little bit. that’s because well, she’s britney’s “backup” vocal. 😉 new christina, new paradiso girls, and some other divas that are ridiculously catchy. yeah, listen to it. you know you want to. don’t hate. samples & more – check my blog.

rar file

01 Cheryl Cole- “Parachute”
02 Kristine Elezaj- “Let You Know”
03 Shontelle- “Licky”
04 Che’Nelle- “Follow Me”
05 Ke$ha- “Backstabber”
06 Esmee Denters- “007 On You”
07 Chenelle Ray- “Starstruck”
08 Alex Young- “Music”
09 Jessica Jarrell- “Armageddon”
10 Kelis- “Scream & Shout”
11 Christina Aguilera- “Spotlight”.
12 Jade Ewan- “Had Him First”
13 Myah Marie- “Feet On The Ground”
14 Livvi Franc- “Automatik”
15 Eva Simons- “Silly Boy”
16 Kaci Battaglia- “Crazy Possessive”
17 Girlicious- “Sexy Bitch” (Cover)
18 Sugababes- “She’s A Mess”
19 The Stunners- “Dancin’ Around The Truth”
20 Paradiso Girls- “Boys Go Crazy”
21 Tami Chynn- “Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)”


pop music is not a crime [127.14MiB]

Brishty, I’m trying to re-make the mixes I made for you.
(The one’s that got lost.) Plus I’ve added new songs.
Yeah I’m pretty awesome, I know.

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GIRLICIOUS album leak

They sure don’t like wearing clothes, huh?

I stole this link from the internet, since I just got a mac and can’t figure out how to rar files yet…sad, I know. I have no music on this computer so it will take me a bit to get on other requests. Just be patient please, and remind me if I take too long! Oh and guys, if you leave me comments/meebos, let me know who you are! 

DOWNLOAD ‘Girlicious” here. 

Girlicious- Save The World

Still on hiatus, will post sporadically. But since I am nice (lol) here’s a slower track from Girlicious’ new album. I actually really like it, which is weird considering I usually only like uptempo pop tracks.  If you guys want the whole album, comment and let me know.

Download ‘Save The World‘ here.

Girlicious Album Preview (Stream)

“Do About It”
“Baby Doll”
“Liar Liar” (featuring Flo Rida)
“Here I Am”
“Already Gone”
“My Boo”
“Still In Love” (featuring Sean Kingston)
“It’s Mine”
“The Way We Were”
“Like Me”
“Stupid Shit”

Girlicious – Girlicious


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