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Switchfoot- Crazy In Love Cover

SwitchfootCrazy In Love (Beyonce cover).mp3

Carmen Reece

“My music makes you want to move but also moves you emotionally,” says singer-songwriter-pianist Carmen Reece.” This ability to connect on a gut level with her listeners – whether she’s busting out a club bumper like “Right Here” or unwrapping a slow-burn piano ballad like “Long Goodbye” – is something she’s always admired in her heroes, powerhouse vocalists she calls “the divas.”

Carmen Reece – Right Here (Dave Aude Club Mix)


All I’m going to say about M$ney is that this bitch is catchy. Love Future. I had posted future like a year ago but that links dead, so here you go.

timbaland feat m$neyfantasy


“Fierce, fun, edgy, and brave are just some of the words that describe Kristine Elezaj. Kristine emerges on the music scene with a voice and style that defy club scene complacency. Combined with her incredible beauty, fashion style and one of her favorite hobbies – rally car driving, Kristine is a uniquely sensational artist that stands apart from the rest.”

Kristine Elezaj – Let You Know


With her quirky, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, universal pop melodies and  trademark curly hair, British dance floor Barbarella Lolene is a hot topic.  Coining the term, “awkward pop,” Lolene describes her sound as “Joan
Collins in Dynasty, Studio 54, white jump-suits, and disco balls.”

You know how trainwrecks are just memorizing? This video is kind of like that. The song, well- “also.” She reminds me a little of Natalia Cappuccini.

Lolene – Sexy People

Mixtape, let’s see if this works.

Boo, it won’t embed.

Shock Of Love October 2009 mixA replacement for muxtape. Check this site out, pretty cool. Make your own 😀 Anyways, this is mine. October 2009, featuring some tracks from below. 

More new Gaga.

“Don’t Call My Name (Alejandro)” has leaked. I can’t say I love her like I did before, but its catchy.

Lady GaGa – Alejandro


Hi. This is a place where I post mixtapes for my wonderful friends. Somehow this blog has survived for 5 years.


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