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GIRLICIOUS album leak

They sure don’t like wearing clothes, huh?

I stole this link from the internet, since I just got a mac and can’t figure out how to rar files yet…sad, I know. I have no music on this computer so it will take me a bit to get on other requests. Just be patient please, and remind me if I take too long! Oh and guys, if you leave me comments/meebos, let me know who you are! 

DOWNLOAD ‘Girlicious” here. 

Lada Gaga Album Sampler

30 second previews, tracklisting as follows:

1. Just Dance
2. Love Game
3. Paparazzi
4. Beautiful Dirty Rich
5. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
6. Poker Face
7. The Fame
8. Money Honey
9. Again Again
10. Boys Boys Boys
11. Brown Eyes
12. Summer Boy


The Fame is the debut album by American singer Lady GaGa.
GaGa worked closely with producer RedOne. The album was preceded by her debut single, “Just Dance,” which was released onJune 172008.[1] An album sampler with about 30 second clips of all the songs leaked to the internet on August 112008.Tracklists are going to be different in the United Kingdom and United States, as announced on August 122008. The song “Again Again” is replaced with “Vanity” in the UK version. On August 13, a minutes and a half long clips of each song from the UK version of the album leaked, including “Vanity”.[3]


Retro Physical was left out 😦 This upsets me, hopefully I can find a full version online somewhere. Vanity sounds pretty good though.


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