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Children, I’m still not at home…will be back shortly, will be posting as much as I can with what’s left of my harddrive 😦 Hope you all had a happy holidays =) PS stop leaving weird meebo comments. Seriously.

In the mean time, learn about the world or something.The awful bloodshed in Gaza is escalating as diplomats argue — over 700 are now killed, almost half of them civilians, and well over 100 children dead.  Follow the link to see our first ad for the Washington Post, donate to the campaign, and together let’s raise an unstoppable worldwide voice for peace:

And other interesting things going on in the world, such as Atheist ads in London, and some Humanist ads too…

Or the Divorced man  who’wants his kidney back.’

Hi kiddies.

So kids, I’m tired of always sending you music. So here you go, a goddamn blog all for you.

DISCLAIMER: Shock! does not claim any ownership of the music posted on this blog. These songs are posted are for promotional purposes only. Please support the artists and buy their singles or albums. If the artists request for removal of the mp3s, I will do it at once.

Article on mp3 web blogs from USA TODAY.


Hi. This is a place where I post mixtapes for my wonderful friends. Somehow this blog has survived for 5 years.


24-hour use only ;)


If you guys want to request something, do so on the request tab. And if you like it, comment & let me know or how else will I bloody know you like it? Svp?

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