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Jessie Malakouti

This is a compilation of Jessie’s songs, created by Popaddicted.

Trick Little Thing(2009)
01. Trash Me
02. Outsider
03. Things
04. PS
05. Standing Up For The Lonely
06. Crash Bang Baby
07. Check N Out
08. Bad Guy
09. My Viagra
10. No. 1 Big Booty
11. Lately
12. Commitment Issues
13. Upside Down 304
14. Megamix (Bonus Track)

Get it here or @ mediafire.

MIXTAPE: just the arrogance of youth


just the arrogance of youth
yeah, i’m not done dancing. 80’s beat and british pop through the likes of alphabeat, robyn, uffie and more. the title stems from roisin murphy’s momma’s place. everybody seems to think they know everything. they did it first. everybody’s a little bit pretentious. so here’s a mix to let loose.  samples & more – check my blog.

rar file

01 dollyrockers- “golddigger”
02 ke$ha- “v.i.p”
03 ellie goulding- “under the sheets (jakwob mix)”
04 the stunners- “bubblegum”
05 robyn “no hassle”
06 uffie- “illusion of love feat. matt safer”
07 play- “famous”
08 jessie malakouti- “standing up for the lonely”
09 sabrina washington- “oh my god”
10 gabriella cilmi- “hearts don’t lie”
11 mini viva- “left my heart in tokyo”.
12 roisin murphy- “momma’s place”
13 alphabeat- “telephone/bad romance”
14 sugababes- “wear my kiss [wawa mix]”
15 lady gaga- “retro physical”

Jessie & Shut Up Stella


On My Bed
Oprah For President
These Are The Days
Waiting For You
Welcome To My Party


PS New track!
Big Booty
Check N Out

I thought I had posted the latter two Malakouti, but I guess not. I am not exactly sure how I feel about some of the lyrical content of “PS,” but otherwise it seems consistent with her other upbeat tracks slash style. I can’t help feeling so delicious tonight….

Remember to go out and support the artists =)

On another note, I understand Zshare isn’t working. Hopefully that will be sorted out… :S As a result, these are all on mediafire.

More Jessie Malakouti!

Yes, I am back with another Jessie Malakouti post! I can’t get enough of this girl. I think they’re playing her on the Hills now, which is good. She needs some exposure =)

I have rar’ed the following tracks, as per request.

01. Commitment Issues
02. Outsider
03. Things
04. Trash Me
05. Upside Down 304
06. You’re My Viagra

Download them here: Jessie Malakouti.rar

Support her and PURCHASE “Trash Me!”

New Jessie Malakouti- “Crash Bang Baby”

I absolutely love her.
C’mon guys, go to her myspace and show her some love.
Or something.
This new track is completely danceable.
I like it.

This love is gonna take me–crash bang, into you.

You guys wanted more Jessie, so here she is!

Download “Crash Bang Baby”

Jessie Malakouti’s new video, “Trash Me’

Jessie Malakouti

Jessie Malakouti is a former member of the now defunct Shut Up Stella. She’s quite infectious, dare I say. Check her out. =)
Download- Jessie Malakouti- You’re My Viagra

Check out her myspace


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