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Shy’m, Tami Chynn, Tata Young etc

Artist: Shy’m
Album: Mes Fantaisies
Genre: french, rnb, female vocalists, pop, francais
Link to album:

YouTube – Shy’mOublie moi

Comments: If you like Nadiya, check her out. French dance pop at its best.

Artist: Tami Chynn
Album: Out Of Many..One
Genre: dancehall, female vocalists, reggae, world
Link to album:
Comments: At first glance it’s clear to see that Tami Chynn is indeed one of a kind – a pop princess who emerged from one of the grittiest, male dominated music scenes – Jamaica’s dancehall. Her newest single is with Akon.

Artist: Tata Young
Album: Temperature Rising
Genre: pop, thai, thai pop, female vocalist, asian
Link to album:
Comments: Tata is Thailand’s own pop sensation =) Check her out. You might have seen her in Bollywood doing ‘dhoom.’

Artist: Vitaa
Album: A Fleur De Toi
Genre: french, rnb, female vocalists, french rnb, pop
Link to album:
Comments: Vitaa is a French R&B singer-songwriter.

Artist: Darin
Album: The Anthem
Genre: Dance, pop, r&b
Link to album:

YouTubeDarinInsanity Video

Comments: More Darin for you =) Rawr.


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