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Jessie Malakouti’s new video, “Trash Me’

Red Blooded Women

From their myspace: Introducing Red Blooded Women, an electro collective of feisty girls who pull no punches with their raw sound and gritty visuals. When you think of modern day girl bands, you probably think of denim miniskirts, cheap hairspray and fake tan. Now, imagine three powerful confident young women more likely to listen to Kraftwerk than Atomic Kitten, influenced by everything from Abba and The Carpenters through to Daft Punk and Depeche Mode.  Imagine three young women equally obsessed with thrilling modern pop music coming from the likes of Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and The Ting Tings, as they are with 80’s electro.

Deena’s comment: Fucking catchy.

Download “Colour Me Dirty

Nadia Oh

electropop, electronic, glam, ghettotech, hip hop

Nadia Oh is a rapper/singer from the United Kingdom, best known for her work with Space Cowboy on tracks such as “My Egyptian Lover”, “Something 4 The Weekend” and “Hot Like Wow”. Her debut album Hot Like Wow, features the singles “My Egyptian Lover”, “Something 4 The Weekend”, “N.A.D.I.A. O.H.” and “Got Your Number”, as featured on the hit U.S. shows Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.

You can check out her myspace here for more songs.

Download “Hot Male

Porcelain and the tramps

industrial, female vocalists, electronic, rock

Porcelain and the Tramps is an industrial rock band from Detroit, Michigan, but working from LA, California. Singer/songwriter, Alaina Beaton is the only official member of the band, though she is currently in the studio with John Lowery (more commonly known as John 5 – the current guitarist for industrial band Rob Zombie, and former guitarist for rock group Marilyn Manson), producers Lester Mendez and Bobby Huff, among others.

Thus far the band has not released any recorded material, other than a number of songs that are featured on the band’s numerous social networking sites, such as their myspace. It is expected that these songs will form the backbone of the album that is currently being worked on. Cited influences include Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Nirvana and Hole.

industrial, female vocalists, electronic, rock

Download “Leftovers


WHAT’S MUXTAPE? Basically….online mixtapes. Pretty much the most ingenious idea for mixtape whores like myself. (Well I’m from the mixed CD era as you guys know but still.)

From MUXTAPE.COM: It became a phenomenon within hours, spreading from a massively reblogged post on Tumblr as music lovers found something they’d been missing in the new era of digital music: the simple power of a hand-crafted mix. Muxtape is a living music platform in its early stages. Our goal is to redefine the mixtape on the internet as a model for music discovery and social interaction, and to do so in the most elegant way technology allows. We believe that music is better when it’s presented to you by a person with care.

SPEAK: I encourage you guys to make one, and stumble through other muxtapes via the muxtape stumbler. Take a listen to the two I’ve got up there and let me know if there are any songs you guys want. And be sure to favourite them once you make your own…and let me know if you’ve made one.

Stacy Clark: lady vox

Stacy’s music encompasses a variety of influences, and her sound is unique. Her lyrics are honest and heartfelt. Each song is carefully crafted note by note, melody by melody and with meaningful lyrics. Growing up dancing as a dancer, Stacy appreciates beats and movement. This can be heard with her folk-beat fusion. Stacy has been playing the guitar for 11 years. For more information please check out her website at:

female vocalists, electronic, alternative poplady vox

Download ‘Matter of Time

Introducing Taio Cruz & Lucia

Taio Cruz is an R&B artist who was born in London. He is a man of Nigerian and Brazilian descent. He is a multi instrumentalist, producer, singer, songwriter, and performer. He wrote the hit song “Your Game” by Will Young which won Best British Single at the Brit Awards in 2004. Cruz had one US hit in late 2006 / early 2007 with ‘I Just Wanna Know’.

‘Come on girl,” featuring Lucia is a catchy mix of genres. It is the third single from his album Departure, released two weeks after the physical release of “Come On Girl”. It has become his biggest hit to date, peaking at number five in the UK Singles Chart, outperforming both of his previous top 30 UK hits.

Download ‘Come on Girl’ Featuring Lucia
Download ‘Disco Fever’

Luciana is an upcoming new sound and style icon in the UK. Before she shot to underground fame after featuring on a number 2 track ‘Yeah Yeah’ last year with Bodyrox she was in pop/rock band Shooter where the wonderful ‘Life’s A Bitch’ came from. Since then she has featured on other songs such as Martijn Ten Velden’s amazing ‘I Wish You Would’ , Super Mal’s ‘Bigger Than Big’ , Mark Knight’s ‘Party Animal’ and the new song from Bodyrox, ‘What Planet You On’.

Download “Yeah Yeah”

Kim Leoni

Kim Leoni is a charismatic, half Indonesian half Dutch performer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  In August 2006, a chance meeting with producers Michel Pollen and Brane Kovak (at a birthday party of a mututal friend, where Kim gave an impromptu singing performance!) led to the first collaboration – the song called “Again”, an impassionate tale of a stormy relationship “based on a true story”. “At first, we were drawn to Kim by her charisma and beauty, but when we heard the voice we knew we had to start making music together.”– say the producers, who are already working with Kim on the first Kim Leoni album.

“Medicine” is an infectious house/club song.

You can check out her myspace here.

Download Kim Leoni- Medicine (Radio Edit)

Jason Mraz- The Dynamo Of Volition

singer-songwriter, acoustic, pop, rock, alternative

A singer-songwriter originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA, Mraz set out for the big city, attending a performing arts college in New York City. Realizing the competitive nature of the musical theater world he paired his innate desire to perform his own material, Mraz picked the guitar at age 18 and began panhandling on the streets of NYC. Rumor has it that Mraz ran into a ‘psychic’ in central park who told him something along the lines of “remember to follow your dreams”.

Just a track from his new album. =)
DOWNLOAD Jason Mraz- The Dynamo Of Volition

Melinda Jackson- Magic (Moustache Remix)

pop, electro, australian,

Download Melinda Jackson- Magic (Moustache Remix)


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