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blanket me in you

blanket me in you

i couldn’t quite get this tracklist in the order i wanted. oh well. i’ve been told this is “sex music.” maybe. ;D

get the tracks via the rar file

01. Jhene Aiko – stranger
02. Miguel – My Piece
03. Robin Thicke – The Stupid Things
04. Ne-Yo – Let Just Be
05. Rock Mafia – Rock Mafia
06. Joss Stone – Karma
07. Maria Mena – Boytoy Baby
08. Leni Ward – The Watcher
09. Bat For Lashes – Sleep Alone
10. Esthero – – Blanket Me In You
11. Phender – All I Want
12. Stephanie Forryan – Smooth Predator
13. Azam Ali – Other Side Of Me
14. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
15. Nadia Ali – Triangle
16. Alice Rose – Mora With The Golden Gun
17. Portishead – Machine Gun
18. Tagaq – Surge
19. Xx – Infinity
Image: Mai Ngân – Love is Complicated (by Ồ studio | | Đăng Thiện | 黎灯善)

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amazing ladies. <3


“Unwritten” (2004)

These Words
I’m A Bomb
I Bruise Easily
If You’re Gonna Jump
Silent Movie
We’re All Mad
Frogs & Princes
Drop Me In The Middle
Wild Horses
Size Matters
Peace Of Me

The One That Got Away


“Apparently Unaffected

Internal Dialogue
This Bottle Of Wine
Miss You Love
Boytoy Baby
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 1
He’s Hurting Me
Just Hold Me
Long Time Coming
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 2
Nevermind Me
These Shoes
Our Battles
Calm Under The Waves
If You’ll Stay In My Past Pt. 3


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