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i don’t need a doctor, i’ll just have a breakdown

it’s random. but good. try it out.

the rar file

01. Michelle Branch – “Are You Happy Now?
02. The Moffatts – “Bang Bang Boom
03. The Waking Eyes – “Move On
04. theSTART – “Christian, Christian
05. Archie Star – “What You Want To Be
06. Blindside – “Fell In Love With The Game
07. Harvey Danger – “Flagpole Sitta
08. Under the Influence Of Giants – “In the Clouds
09. Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Israel
10. Snake River Conspiracy – “Love Song
11. Anna Tsuchiya – “Slap That Naughty Body
12. the Automatic – “Monster
13. Lady Fuzz- “Oh Marie
14. The (International) Noise Conspiracy- “The Way I Feel About You
15. Yelle – “A Cause Des Garcons


Hi. This is a place where I post mixtapes for my wonderful friends. Somehow this blog has survived for 5 years.


24-hour use only ;)


If you guys want to request something, do so on the request tab. And if you like it, comment & let me know or how else will I bloody know you like it? Svp?

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