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Marina and The Diamonds – The Crown Jewels EP

Operating quietly under the mysterious hype radar that identified the ones to watch in 2009, Marina and The Diamonds follow up the well received single ‘Obsessions’ with ‘The Crown Jewels EP’. There is usually an act that arrives seemingly from nowhere to much fanfare and confetti, and since this brief EP is packed with hooks, perfect for repeated radio play there is a genuine sense that something big could be coming around the corner, the next pop juggernaut.

A lot of fellow scribes are making comparisons between Marina and Kate Bush, though she is perhaps best described as sharing vocal qualities with Feist, Amanda Palmer and Gwen Stefani. I am rather taken by the dreamlike quality of ‘I Am Not A Robot’ that cleverly covers personal vulnerabilities. The song is empowering without dwelling in cliché. Marina’s vocal quirks are clever rather than annoying.

‘Seventeen’ bounds along like an energetic puppy. In terms of content it is Kate Nash without the glaring falseness. Yes, in terms of subject matter this is your run-of-the-mill tale of boy trouble, and in less capable hands this kind of tune would be horrible. The difference is that Marina has the ability to cover new ground; there is a compositional cleverness that allows the song to catch the wind kite-like and soar.

‘Simplify’ is stripped back in terms of production values, just voice and piano. A useful alternative to ‘I Am Not A Robot’ and ‘Seventeen’ in that it does away with all the gimmicks, proving when required Marina can do serious. This versatility could hold her in good stead when it comes to crafting a full length album.

These songs have bucket loads of character; they are vivid, moving and powerful. To get a bitter pop cynic like me to offer such praise is really quite something. By Richard Wink • Jun 22nd, 2009 • Category: Reviews, Single

Marina And The Diamonds – Obsessions.mp3

Album in photo. Personally I think she’s like a mix of Bjork, Sierra Swan and Fiona Apple or something. I have no idea. But I am really, really into her.


dance the night away: summer anthems

dance the night away: summer anthems
i actually made this back in april when i was far too excited for summer and….apparently going out. (by the end of the night/ i’ma have you  drunk and throwing up) i sent it to my friends but couldn’t be “arsed” so to speak to post it. so, half way into summer i’m posting songs that by now you’ve already heard of. well, some of them, ie, patron tequila. some of them are old songs, and some you have probably never heard of…yet. either way, they will guarantee at least- a good predrink with the girls. or something like that. sexy dance times also acceptable, with a lover or you know, by yourself.

get the rar

01. eve – “tambourine
02. valeria – “bubble gum
03. jamie sullivan – “dream big (stonebridge remix)”
04. nexx – “bitch switch
05. enrique- “push
06. alex young- “heart stop
07. brick and lace – “push it up
08. ciara, gucci- “feelin’ on my ass
09. francesca – “i gotta know
10. jada- “i gotta know
11. kat deluna – “dance bailalo”
12. kat deluna- “unstoppable
13. keri hilson – “return the favor (sketch is dead remix)”
14. lauren evans “semi-automatic”
15. melissa m- “quoi que tu dises”
16. paradiso girls “patron tequila”
17. pixie lott “i wish i was there
18. natalie cappuccini- “real woman”
19. natasha bedingfield- “like me”
20. sweet rush- “dance the night away”
21. jessica mauboy- “to the floor”
22. velvet angels- “line em’ up”
23. wynter- “nothing compares”

Valeria is back!

Link above.


Kesha is an American up coming singer/songwritter. She is featured on the two tracks from Flo Rida’s new album R.O.O.T.S.. Bicthin’ Around is a fan-made album features 30 songs by Kesha, including my top 5, like Disgusting, (Fuck Him) He’s a DJ, Radio Radio Radio, CUNxTuesday, BackstabberShe wrote songs for The Veronicas, like This Love (On the file) and I Can’t Stay Away, from the second album Hook Me Up. Kesha is also credited on the backvocals on Britney Spears’ Lace & Leather. From popmusiczone.


Ace of Base- Classic Remixes

Anouk- Who’s Your Momma

On her aptly-titled new album, “Who’s Your Momma,” the Dutch rocker expands her bold and powerful repertoire with an impressive collection of hearty rock stompers and gut-wrenching ballads. In fact, after building a reputation as The Netherlands’ most accomplished rock diva, Anouk shows off a sound that is surprisingly milder than her previous work. (Listen to tracks from the album here or get it on iTunes.)

The big question now is if “Who’s Your Momma” will finally give Anouk the attention stateside that many believe she deserves. She had a tremendous shot at fame in the U.S. back in 1998, but her headstrong ways got her into a huge argument with Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola. The screaming match between the music mogul and the aspiring international superstar led to the immediate cancellation of Anouk’s launch in North America.


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