dance the night away: summer anthems

dance the night away: summer anthems
i actually made this back in april when i was far too excited for summer and….apparently going out. (by the end of the night/ i’ma have you  drunk and throwing up) i sent it to my friends but couldn’t be “arsed” so to speak to post it. so, half way into summer i’m posting songs that by now you’ve already heard of. well, some of them, ie, patron tequila. some of them are old songs, and some you have probably never heard of…yet. either way, they will guarantee at least- a good predrink with the girls. or something like that. sexy dance times also acceptable, with a lover or you know, by yourself.

get the rar

01. eve – “tambourine
02. valeria – “bubble gum
03. jamie sullivan – “dream big (stonebridge remix)”
04. nexx – “bitch switch
05. enrique- “push
06. alex young- “heart stop
07. brick and lace – “push it up
08. ciara, gucci- “feelin’ on my ass
09. francesca – “i gotta know
10. jada- “i gotta know
11. kat deluna – “dance bailalo”
12. kat deluna- “unstoppable
13. keri hilson – “return the favor (sketch is dead remix)”
14. lauren evans “semi-automatic”
15. melissa m- “quoi que tu dises”
16. paradiso girls “patron tequila”
17. pixie lott “i wish i was there
18. natalie cappuccini- “real woman”
19. natasha bedingfield- “like me”
20. sweet rush- “dance the night away”
21. jessica mauboy- “to the floor”
22. velvet angels- “line em’ up”
23. wynter- “nothing compares”

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