Kanye’s new album, 808’s And Heartbreaks review. Sort of.

Do I really need to introduce who Kanye West is? No. I don’t think I do. So I’m listening to the new album now, the mastered version and I have to say I’m all unimpressed/disappointed with it. I loved the demo versions. The combination of the 808’s and Kanye– simple. Impressive. Catchy. But the final, the retail just sounds overdone. Like he’s trying far too hard to fit into this new hipster reputation of his. Kanye. You are not Sufjan Stevens. I’m sorry. Put down the background choir music sheets and the strings. All you need is a voxbox. Some nice synthesizing sounds. I’ll admit I appreciate the album, and I’ll give Kanye props for being a musician and doing his job at that, but something doesn’t feel right.

I was all up for the “Yes, Kanye as a person seems to be a rather large douche and quite sexist, but this album, while very emo is extremely catchy with its electrogoodness,” but he went and redid the background on all the songs and it doesn’t feel the same. I’m not sure. Perhaps had I heard some of the songs for the first time mastered, I would have liked them better. But at this point I’m a little bit disappointed. I’ll probably keep listening to the demos.

As for the demos— I personally find the demo version of Robocop to be the best. It’s much more upbeat. So here it is, for you downloadable pleasure. As for the mastered copy, well I’m sure you all can find that floating around the internet somewhere.

Kanye West- Robocop (demo)

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