The Return Of Boomkat

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Boomkat is an electronic and pop music duo consisting of brother-and-sister Kellin and Taryn Manning. Their debut album Boomkatalog.One was released in 2003. The first single “The Wreckoning” hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

The new EP, “Runaway”, & their new album, ‘A Million Trillion Stars,’ is now available on iTunes.

This is my new favourite from the album, “Stomp.” All in all the album is freaking excellent.  DOWNLOAD “Stomp” by Boomkat. 


I won’t be back to posting regularly until the end of August or so, when I have decent internet again. Sorry guys! Keep reminding me of those requests, because sometimes I forget. I’ll put them up when I get a chance =) 

I’ll have Sheila up again soon, but I can’t at the moment since I don’t have access to my normal computer right now. 😦


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