electro goodness.

Artist: Terry Poison
Album: Terry Poison (2006)
Genre: Electro, Synthpop, Electroclash, Dance, Club, Disco
Similar Artists: Yelle, The Knife, Robots in Disguise, Uffie
Link to album: divshare.com (RAR | MP3 | 45 MB / 13 Files)
Sample: myspace.com
Comments: Terry Poison is an Israeli electroclash band…that sings in English and French. Their live shows are described as ‘the mysterious offspring of some wild and druggy orgy, American sleaze and European finesse.’

This isn’t a real album of theirs. Currently, they only have an EP available right now. This is simply a rar. consisting of many of their songs.

Artist: Ultraviolet Sound
Album: Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control Ep (2006)
Genre: Electronica,Dance , Pop, New Wave
Similar Artists: A Kiss Could Be Deadly, Alice In Videoland, Shiny Toy Guns
Link to album: divshare.com 23 mb
Tracklisting: ultravioletsound.bigcartel.com
Sample: myspace.com
Comments: “Ultraviolet” or “Ultraviolet Sound’ is singer Sarah Hudson’s new music project. I’ve added a few other songs to their EP. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Back To The Future
02. Blow Up The Radio
03. Dead On The Dancefloor
04. Gimme My Electros
05. Hot Hot Riot
06. Out of Control
07. Spin Like A DJ

Artist: Uffie
Album: Suited And Looted Ep (2007)
Genre: Electroclash, Electropop, Dance, Indie Electronic
Similar Artists: Peaches, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Robots in Disguise, Busy P
Link to album: divshare.com (RAR | MP3 | 28 MB / 3 Files)
Sample: myspace.com
Comments: I’m not exactly sure if this is a real EP or not, but it’s all over the internet. The tracklist goes like this:

01. First Love
02. Brand New Car
03. Brand New Car (TV Track)

She’s quite popular with the hipsters. But hey, I like her.


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